“CA-PAR was first introduced to MEITEC and me in early 2001 and has successfully worked as a subcontractor on numerous projects with us. CA-PAR is an above average subcontraactor who completes their work on time and on budget.  The workmanship is above reproach.  It is a pleasure interacting with an organization such as CA-PAR and I would recommend them to anyone else who is looking for a subcontractor that doesn’t require being led by the hand. Mr. Bill Cain is not only an honest, hardworking individual, it is obvious that he is also a leader with admiral qualities.” 
Gary D. Williams, Vice President, MEITEC, Inc.

“In my 25+ years of experience working with security projects in North, Central, and South America, I have not observed a group as cohesive, professional and “can-do” as your men. They are consistently on time, ready to work and show an extreme deph of safety awareness.  Thank you for making my job easier.”
David Hume, Security Coordinator, ChevronTexaco Pipeline

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